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Indonesian discovery, Probolinggo Shore Excursions. Probolinggo is a port city in the eastern part of the Java Island and has a long history that belong many heritage buildings. Probolinggo is located on the southern side of Madura Strait, about 50 miles (80 km) southeast of Surabaya in the East Java province of Indonesia. There is a good harbour for small ships, and the fishing industry is important. 

probolinggo highlights
Probolinggo Museum

Cruise tour Probolinggo. After your ship drop the anchor then you will be transferred by small ship to Probolinggo Port and meet us as your kind Probolinggo ground handling tour operator and tour management at Probolinggo.

probolinggo shore tours
probolinggo shore tours
sun princess shore excursions
cruise shore excursions 
Probolinggo Highlights. Hide point of interest in your Probolinggo highlights tour package that you will found :
1.   Red Church - Anno 1862. Made from pure steel and bright red paints this church is very unique. Enjoy the architecture and the collections of this church. Inside this eye-catching, colorful church, Bibel 16 Century.
2.      Probolinggo Museum. 
3.      Mount Bromo
4.      Mangrove Beach Park

red church probolinggo
red church probolinggo
museum probolinggo

at Probolinggo museum, play congklak (dakon) which is often considered a game for girls, has simple rules that allow the boards to have different numbers of holes. Congkak boards are often made of teak or mahogany wood are often elaborately carved into various shapes
Probolinggo Port to Bromo. Probolinggo well known for main access to Mt.Bromo, especially from port that will takes around 1 hour by car/van/bus. Mount Bromo is a natural tourist destination with a fantastic panorama. Mount Bromo enjoy nature as being in the country above the clouds with the weather is cold enough. Overlays plant onions, strawberries, corn, making the slope of the mountain slopes as if carved terraces by plants. Arriving at the edge of the cliff sea sand, you will change the vehicle wearing a 4WD adventure jeep to reach Mt.Penanjakan view and see the sights around the area including the Bromo crater Bromo. 

Climb bromo crater only recommended to those who have good stamina, good speed sufficient. Lightweight, smart casual comfortable clothing, flat, closed-toe walking shoes and sun protection are recommended.

probolinggo shore excursions
probolinggo shore excursions - at Mt.Bromo
Probolinggo also has a garden mangrove forests that will amaze you with the concept of the park beach. Probolinggo mangrove tour located in the coastal port city of Probolinggo, already became trending topics unique attractions. In contrast to the Tourism Mount Bromo, which has an extension mangrove garden resort was inaugurated in 2013 and became the center of attention of the tourists quickly. Towards this Mangrove tour is easy. Flooded mangroves indeed, but not to worry because there are many bridges - made of kind wood that are made to enjoy the beauty of this mangrove tour. Beejay tourist area on the east side Bakau Resort with an area of ​​about 5 hectares, there are writings stand which is an icon of the name is that BJBR Tourism, with an attractive design and colorful. Posts that spotlight tourists to take pictures perpetuate photos that have visited this BJBR.

probolinggo highlights
mangrove garden icon at probolinggo

probolinggo highlights

Probolinggo mangrove garden 

mangrove at probolinggo
strong wood bridges for walking around mangrove garden

probolinggo shore tours
direction inside mangrove garden

bjbr probolinggo

mangrove tend restaurant - beside the beach view
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